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Toy industry, quo vadis?

The coronavirus pandemic is in many ways serving us as a catalyst to change and creation for every business, including toy industry.   Looking at the pandemic’s immediate effect on toy industry, sales increased by 4 percent in the first quarter of 2020 (January – March) across the 13 global markets (G13)*. But even though […]

Family of the future

Our sense of the family as a concept has transformed greatly over the past decades and will continue to do so into the future. The traditional image of a family structure, two adults and children, is quickly changing. Young generation is refusing to be portrayed as the “perfect family” living in a clean house with […]

Kevin the Carrot

Making his first appearance in 2016 as UK Aldi’s ad mascot, Kevin the Carrot made a rapid change, becoming a well-known Christmas icon. The ad was loved by viewers, with no one expecting Kevin mania to become what it is today. For the fourth consecutive year, people are completely enamoured with Kevin, with this year’s […]