Everyone is different, which means that “Nobody is normal”

In response to the thousands of young people who are afraid they are different, don’t fit in and feel left out or alone, the charity found Childline created the campaign “Nobody is normal” that speaks to children in a way that is natural to them.

A stop-motion spot, released in the beginning of November, shows a child who is constantly hiding his true self, being worried about his real body would show through the uniform.

The animated ad follows him battling to keep an inner creature hidden beneath a “human” disguise and struggling to make friends, all to the soundtrack of Radiohead’s Creep, a classic song about not fitting in.

Childline decided to launch this campaign now, at a time when mental health crisis among young people soared. They observed that the cases of children struggling with body image, sexuality, gender identity and mental health issues are especially striking now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nobody is normal” aims to show to young people that we’re all different and there’s no such thing as ‘being normal’. Everyone shares the same experience and whatever their feeling or situation, there is always someone they can talk to.

The endline is “No matter how you feel inside, you are not alone.

Source : www.childline.org.uk

Visual credit Childline

Auteur : Adriana Munteanu – Business developer – amunteanu@juniorcity.fr