Kevin the Carrot

Making his first appearance in 2016 as UK Aldi’s ad mascot, Kevin the Carrot made a rapid change, becoming a well-known Christmas icon.

The ad was loved by viewers, with no one expecting Kevin mania to become what it is today. For the fourth consecutive year, people are completely enamoured with Kevin, with this year’s Christmas range in the UK selling out within hours.

2019 advert sees the festive character go up against a gang of Brussels sprouts while breaking into the tune of Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You”, with the lyrics changed for a festive twist.

Decorate your Christmas tree, smother me in cranberries, what’s that flying over me, reindeer?” Kevin chants.

Everybody loves Kevin. Not just children, also teenagers and even their parents, fully grown adults.

And when Kevin fell in love with Katie the Carrot and had three children, people fell in love with them too.

Every year Aldi releases the Kevin the Carrot plush toys in the run-up to Christmas, and every year grown adults queue outside the supermarket before it even opens.

The supermarket have branded the release day for the Kevin the Carrot range as ‘Orange Thursday’, an obvious nod to America’s Black Friday, where people queue for hours and resort to physical fights for cheap clothes or electronics.

In UK they do it over a carrot…

Its is clear by now that Kevin is more than just a cuddly toy, but quite a Christmas icon in UK.

And yet, we do not know much about Kevin’s life and maybe it’s the mystery that grows up its popularity. All we know is that he’s a happy orange carrot who just wants to celebrate Christmas as best as he can.

It is clear that Kevin is a family man at heart. He does his best to make sure he is home in time to celebrate the festivities with his loved ones — his love Katie and their three children, that he has introduced to his fans this year.

Kevin is brave. He has triumphed over evil in 2018, when he had to save his family travelling through a cold and snowy mountain. Fortunately they were saved and they began planning for next Christmas.

Kevin is funny. He embraces life and danger with a witty sense of humour.

The future will definitely tells us more about Kevin, the famous Carrot… -:)

Auteur: Adriana Munteanu, Développement Commercial