Single and happy

For generations, we were supposed to feel sad, unworthy or even being ashamed of being single.

Even more, being single after a certain age used to make us feel depressed, lonely and desperate to marry, have kids, build a life together. We used to obey to what society thought of a happy life.

Well, guess what? There is the another generation, the Millennials, that are no longer buying this dream!

And they declare being happy with their single status.

There are many reasons why the Millennials nowadays think that being single is an open gate to happiness.

Comet, a student loan refinancing company, surveyed single employed Millennials in the USA without children and questioned them about the benefits of being single.

Studies revealed that 59 % of Millenials are single or have never been married versus 16 % of Generation X and 10 % of Baby Boomers.

According to Comet research, most of them are not in couple because being single is a better fit than being in a relathionship and they pointed out multiple benefits related to this status.

First of all, they feel fulfilled and have more time for themselves: to value and focus on all the amazing things in their lives like friends, passions, upcoming travels, career, sexual life, unique experiences….

Then, they say being single allows them to never miss the opportunities, they don’t have to clear ideas with a second person and thus never have to compromise in order to make important decisions.

Another important reason for which they feel happy being single is prioritizing themselves and finding the real peace of mind. They claim being alone and enjoying your own company is better than being surrounded by fake or not good people. Independence and autonomy attract happiness and confidence, and not loneliness and depression.

And last, but not least, being single is an exercise and gives them clarity and the proper distance to get to know who they truly are as a potential partner and to firmly define what it is that they want in a future partner. Or maybe to realise that they want to stay single (… and happy) and to embrace this fulfilling experience for the rest of their lives.

And for them that’s ok, too!

Auteur: Adriana Munteanu,